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Different Strokes For Different Folks (Saving All Of Us Some Time And Frustration)

How much time do we waste trying to convince someone else that your way is the right way when  he or she has already decided (perhaps a while ago) that that is the way things are.  And vice versa, how much time has someone wasted trying to convince you they are right?

Now I know that parents, teachers, and bosses (and sometimes spouses) almost always have the last say.  Some you can reason with and some you can’t.  Usually, these people have responsibilities that they must meet.  A general contractor can come on a house construction site and tell the workers to tear everything down that they have already started.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  He or she has knowledge and responsibilities that the workers probably do not have.

But when it comes to whether or not someone should put mayonnaise or mustard on a sandwich, it is downright silly to argue with someone else about it as long as you have mayonnaise and mustard on hand.  If you have a child who is allergic to one of those things than an adult has a duty and a right to make sure the child does get it on their sandwich.

The point is not everybody likes the same things and we are built differently. To one person certain smells affect them negatively or another can hear annoying high-pitched sounds others can’t.  You could have a scented candle burning and the first person might feel they have to leave the room or the air handling system in an office or factory might make irritatingly high pitched sounds that only the offended person can hear.

Remember if we all liked the same things, what a dull world it would be.  What if we all showed up for a party in exactly the same clothes?  If we all like the same things then we would all be competing for the same things.  Now that would be irritating. Also sometimes meeting people from different cultures.  We have different cultures here.  (What about the differences between New York City and the Deep South?)  Sometimes differences inspire us to try something new.  Again what a dull world this would be if we lived in the same buildings, wore the same clothes, and ate the same food each day for the rest of our lives?  Pardon me, I don’t mean that you can’t do that!  I had a father-in-law who had a rather restricted lifestyle to my point of view, but then I wasn’t him and he didn’t live with us.

Spend your time on things you can change, usually things you have some control over, and not on the ones you can’t including those that are none of your business.




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