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Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse covers a large range of behaviors.  It can include things like belittling or demeaning  comments.  Passive aggression can be a form of emotional abuse too. It is often disguised as humor which makes it even harder to deal with.  (When passive aggression is used , it is accompanied by denial by the person doing it which makes the abuse even harder to cope with.)  The type of language used can also qualify something as emotional abuse.  It can frequently be heard in pubic like at a supermarket or a gas station when a member of a family is being bawled out and it can take the form of cussing.

A form of emotional abuse could be said to be the opposite of giving unconditional love.  It occurs when love is withheld as a form of control or neglect.  All humans need love to thrive and they also develop their sense of identityas being worthy of lovr in their family of origin.  Unwanted babies raised in a nursery and provided with food, shelter, and basic care (i.e. diaper changes, baths), but little or no affection or personal attention did not thrive and (in the worse case scenario) died. 

Love can be provided and still a child can have emotional scars.  When a child or a grown up is told, “I’ll only love you if…,”” they can feel very insecure as  love is only being given conditionally.  They must do, say, or be something to be worthwhile.   This is conditional love.

Worse yet an emotiional abuser can constantly compare the victum unfavorably to another person who often has been the main recipient of the abuser’s love and admiration.  Children (and grandchildren) should not be witnesses to obvious preferential treatment of other children in the family.  This does not mean that all children or grandchildren in a family should be treated the same all the time; but love, affection, and attention should not be so unequal and/or so unfair that it is obvious to everybody in the family and/or out of the family.  

Emotional abuse can happen to adults as well, both male and female






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