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Disruptive Children In Public Part I

Child Safety Sign

Child Safety Sign (Photo credits:

Don’t tell me that you are a parent and never had that problem.  Of course, you can always rely on a babysitter and go out without them.  Some situations are child friendly and you should know which occasions and public settings are.  Some places have baby nurseries or child sitting services.

Yet there is always a time and place where people do not appreciate the noise babies and small children make and yet the children have to be there.  One example is on an airplane when going to visit grandma and grandpa.  Airplane trips are miserable enough for adults let alone children.  Seats are cramped, lines are long, and airplane travel can be uncomfortable.  Also it is expensive and people become more critical of the accommodations and the disruptive nature of children when it is.  This is true of concerts and stage plays as well.  I have only one suggestion for airplane trips.  That is to have the first class passengers without children trade their seats with those of  families with small children.  (Just kidding, but I couldn’t resist including it.)

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