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Here I Am. I Can Not Do Otherwise!

Do you have dreams of being somebody else?  A famous person?  Do people around you criticize you for being who you are?  In God’s eyes, we are perfect; but we often have difficulty accepting that.   Forgiveness is a very great gift and it was hard-won according to the Bible.  The next most difficult thing to accept is that if God can forgive us for what we have done and continue to do then shouldn’t we understand that others who have sinned against us and continue to sin against us deserve to be forgiven too.  Tit for tat.

We all have the ability to accept ourselves and to realize that God is more than able to do this too.  Once we realize we are God’s sons and daughters than self-acceptance comes more easily.  I was born at a time that the way parents disciplined children constantly put us down.  One method was the withdrawal of love and the other was the attitude that was constantly applied to children was what will other people think.  Children are naturally buoyant and can rebound from these things.  Especially if they have good friends or have time and space for self-contemplation or have access to books or good teachers or other role models that teach them to accept themselves.

If we become spiritual and aware of our own soul at a young age that we have the power to overcome obstacles and the power not to accept put-downs that are generated by adults or peers.  Of course, this is easier in some environments than it is in others.  Some adults and some peers distort life and push for an unlawful lifestyle where it is killed or be killed and where one gang is pitted against another.  Where it seems to appear to be that there is no hope of a peaceful lifestyle in this war zone.  Other children grow up in families where there are few money worries but there is a strong push by the parents or tutors for the children to succeed in certain areas whether or not that child has the ability to do so.  Self-esteem is crushed and hope for the future is shriveled.

Drugs easily illegally drift into these environments as a way to alter the environment and to ignore pressures, but this can lead to illegal methods of procuring them.  As drug consumption increases then there is often physical and mental damage is done to the person.  Initially, it may appear glamorous and as a way of relieving the pressures of a “successful” life.  Few people who become successful and/or famous understand what pressures come with such success and how to deal with them.  They can be attracted to short-cuts and to overdoing methods that do work.

Yes, you can be independent and do not choose to orient towards a religious style of life and the support that it can give you.  Even then you must decern which religion is the “true” religion and how you will practice it.  If you are uncomfortable that may be such a sign.  In Christianity, the Bible can be your reference and it must be studied with an open mind and a desire to be a true follower of God (initially manifested in the Old Testament, by His son Jesus. and by His disciples.  It can require a lot of self-examination, the practice of what is in the Word, and the realization that a belief in God can make you feel valued as a person and to help you see how to include other people in your life who should accept you as you accept them.

And in the end, should you think of newly born or even unborn babies as worthy individuals with the potential to have good self-esteem, the potential to treat others well as they are treated.

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