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Those Pesky Little Noises You Make

loud-noisesThose little noises you make.  Which kind are the worst?  I have been getting in trouble lately.  I have been making like sounds of contentment.  They are a sign that I am peaceful and happy at that moment.  My spouse doesn’t like these sounds that I make at these times and comments disapprovingly upon them when I make them..  I know you can get into trouble for being grumpy but for God’s sake getting into trouble for making little satisfied noses??  Sometimes I will even hum as I do something I like.  Oh, woe is me.  How easily I can get into trouble without even trying.

Remember the Big, Bad, wolf who huffed and he puffed and blew the little pig’s house in?  That’s my spouse whenever he is asked to do a physical task that requires the merest of physical effort.  Also he sighs deeply as if he has been asked to do the most imposing task in the world.  How can his negative sounds be more acceptable than my positive sounds?

Yes, I do make some negative sounds occasionally especially when in unexpected severe pain.  But according to my husband, I must bear these “white hot” excruciating nerve pains silently and God forbid that I ever would call upon the name of God or Jesus to help me or worse yet, remember and murmur some some once well-used cuss word from my past.

When did it become acceptable to criticize others to stop them from doing something that is often innoxious and possibly even harmless.  Why are we so fearful of someone else believing or doing something that we don’t believe in or would do.  If you deer hunt or crochet, does that mean that I have to do it?  Why do we have to fight so hard for our personal rights to do or believe in anything?  Does it protect my right to do or believe something to make everyone else act or believe the way I do?

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