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“Merry Christmas” Or “Mary’s Christmas”?

familykidpictureHave we forgotten one major participant in the Christmas story?

Over the years I have been attracted to signs, symbols, and works of art having to do with Mary the Mother of Jesus in spite of the fact that I was raised a Protestant not a Catholic.   Not only have I found such things for my own personal collection, but I have also created such things as my own personal works of art.  I have read many books about the creation of nuns (the Brides of Christ) and have enjoyed many songs and much poetry about the Madonna, the Virgin Mary.

It was fascinating to learn that many of the songs of the Lutheran  church (a Protestant church) as well as its liturgy came from the Catholic church as they were originally written in Latin, the language of the Catholic Church.

Wasn’t Mother Mary a major participant in the Christmas story about Jesus’s birth along with God the Father?  Joseph was Mary’s husband, not Jesus’s actual father, although he functioned as Jesus’s father on this earth.

Jesus has been called the son of God and the son of man.  Wasn’t he actually the son of Mary, a woman and a virgin?  Women are the major participants in the birth of children as they carry them as they grow and develop from a fertilized egg to a tiny infant who is ready to be born and eat, breath, and grow on their own.




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