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Passing Judgment

When you pass judgment on others, you pass judgment on yourself. Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? Would this stop you from doing this? Puts it right out in front of everybody, doesn’t it? You are revealing a lot about yourself when you do it? At first you think about others you have observed passing judgment and how much it reveals about them. It reveals their hidden and possibly secret vices.

What is worse is what it really reveals about ourselves. It makes you stop and think before you open your mouth to do this. My favorite word lately has been narcissistic. Now I have got to apply this to myself. We all can be self-centered and we have a kind of sense of personal importance. We want to stand out from among others. We don’t want to just be one of the crowd. It is not a pleasant term, is it so why do we use it?

For me, it means that someone, namely me, is self-centered to the point where nobody else matters, but me, me, me. If it helps me, I am justified in doing it. Also to me it suggests that someone is so self-confident that they can be delusional and think that they can do anything (and get away with it) even if they really can’t. This causes them to make dangerous mistakes which undermine what they are trying to do. They focus on themselves and their objectives to the point where other people are really not even people to them and this (as far as they are concerned) can justify some horrible behavior on their part. (See the book, “Murder in Little Egypt,” a true story.) Ultimately such a person doesn’t even see other people as people like him or herself.

English: Rembrandt drawing known as The Judgment

English: Rembrandt drawing known as The Judgment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stop and think before you open your mouth and say something about somebody else. What does it say about you?

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