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Take Good Care Of Yourself You Belong To You Yourself

Who are you taking care of? Your husband or wife, your children, your pets, the people you work with or for? Often we forget about taking good care of ourselves. Doing this makes feelings of resentment decrease or even disappear. It gives you strength not only to take care of yourself but then you can take care of others if you want to do so.

Bubble Baths, a hot shower, a nap, practicing relaxation techniques, reading a book or watching a film or your favorite channel  Go hunting, play with your pets, take care of your body by brushing to whitening your teeth,  Chating on the phone with a good friend or going out to lunch with him or her.  Explore new hobbies, turning a hobby into a business (whoops this might create tension instead of lowering it.

Sometimes we do not know ourselves very well and we might get into therapy. try out different hobbies, join new groups and make new friends.  Just remember if doing this makes you tenser, you might back off from the new activity a little or even stop it.    If you were telling a friend to take good care of themselves maybe you can learn from this what if anything you learn from helping your friend get to know themselves might help you get to know yourself.

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