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Take Good Care Of Yourself

Have you ever said to yourself, “Take good care of yourself.  You belong to me.”  If you haven’t, you should.  How often do we focus on what others need and not on what we need?  Or do we give secondary needs priority over primary needs like breathing, needing to relieve ourselves, or eat.  I passed up eating breakfast because I got up late for work.  Then on my way out from work, I skipped taking bathroom break (leaving it for later when I got to my next appointment).  When I started to go out the door, I discovered that a snow storm had started while I was in class.  I decided to head directly for home before it got worse and skipped stopping to use the bathroom and/or finding something to eat.  It was also lunch time by then.  I realized that if I got stuck in the snow, I might extremely regret not having stopped to do either of these two things.

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you put off doing things for yourself so much that you wind up putting off a potty break until it is almost too late and/or or you held it in passing up several chances to use the bathroom to do something else. Have you not shaved or put on makeup because you didn’t have time because you were rushing to finish other things before you left for an appointment.  Getting the family ready to go somewhere, might mean that you neglect getting ready yourself.

Have you ever fixed a meal and not eaten yourself?  Washed a car that wasn’t yours when  your car badly just as badly needed to be washed.  Whose clothes are in the laundry right now?  Yours or someone else’s?  Have you done without sleep or given someone else money that you really needed to pay one of your bills?  Have you volunteered to do something because you couldn’t say, “No,” when you were already over scheduled?

Santa and moose

Santa and moose (Photo credit: Jenny P.)

Have you ever played Secret Santa for someone? You think of something nice to do for your person everyday before Christmas.   Could you try doing this for yourself?  Make your bed, start your car and warm it up before you have to leave, wash a load of socks or underwear before you run out, fix a decent meal for once which includes meat, vegetables, and fruit. You could take a break and do something that you want to do that you don’t have to do including take a nap, read a frivolous book, magazine, or newspaper, or watch a silly TV show or movie.  Finally you could take a whole day and only do what you want to do not what you have to do or need to do including where you go, what time you get up, when you go to sleep or when and if you take a nap.  Accomplish nothing that day, but to feel good and be happy.

Take good care of yourself.  You belong to me.

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