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What If Someone Could Read Your Thoughts But Didn’t Know They Could and Thought They Were Their Own

What if when you were thinking about a person who had a problem in their life that concerned you and you were thinking of what you would like to say to them, about how they were thinking of solving a problem but were uncomfortable actually doing so, and psychically they picked up on it anyway?  It certainly would make you more comfortable in the situation because somehow they knew something you wanted them to know to possibly warn them about and even then were able to consider your reasoning about why you were concerned about the situation without knowing it did not come their own thoughts.  I’d certainly talk to myself a lot more and have more imaginary conversations with the people in my life.

Green Thought Bubbles

Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)


Most of us have been taught by experience not to give unwanted advice to others.   We often feel frustrated when we see others make a mistake that they could have avoided if we had only spoken up.   Would they have listened to us if we did?

Sometimes it would be great if our concerns could be transmitted in a way that would not taint them as coming unwantedly from another.  People who are uncertain of their decisions often do not seek those of others if doing so will only make them less confident of their own.  Don’t you wish sometimes someone would come up with one of your ideas for them and would unknowingly think that it was their own and act on it?

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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