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Can You?

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Driver in a Mitsubishi Galant using a hand held mobile phone violating New York State law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you sit still, not moving a muscle, while your mind is a pleasant blank?  Did you ever think that that was possible? Can you drive a car without using your mobile phone, texting, using the computer in your car or listening to your radio or music player?  Does your mind require that you have a conversation if not with someone else, then at least with yourself.  Can you just be in the moment focusing only on what is necessary to drive safely?  Can you go to church or attend a lecture and not get antsy and have your mind wander?  Sitting in stillness.  Sitting in silence.  Not requiring that something entertain you.

I didn’t plan to do this.  I didn’t even notice at first that I did this.  I do now.  I have since concluded that this was the result my practice of meditation.  Could this be called, “peace of mind?”  I can just “be”.  Mind clutter ceases to exist.  If I don’t have to think about something, I don’t.  My attention is very selective.  I can and do use this time to do things that I don’t ordinarily have time to do or forget about doing when I am busy with other things.  I focus on visualizing things as they intuitively occur to me rather than on what I think I should visualize.  I use my mind as a blank screen and focus on nothing rather than on depressing or negative thoughts.  This includes avoiding judging other people or other things as they appear to me and even having positive thoughts about people or things I would envy.   Yes, you can “change” your mind, one thought at a time.  You can avoid thinking the things that keep you from having an attitude adjustment and a more positive future.
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