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Meditating For Me The Easiest Solution

awakening-prologue.holosyncjpgI can’t remind you often enough.  There is a free Holosync CD offered by Centerpointe Research.  (See link at the bottom on the left side.  Click there.)  It finally got me started meditating, really meditating.  The testimonials blew my mind and were so fantastic I could hardly believe they were true.

I have never found any people any easier to work with.  Their support
staff is wonderful.  At the beginning, they have a free on-line course
and you are encouraged to discuss your responses and reactions to it
with them.  Also there are support letters that accompany different
stages of the program and there are often several freebees included with each level.

I am not through with the entire program as there are many levels and it has taken me at least six months to do each level (and they don’t recommend that you do them any faster).  Be prepared to devote some time to it.  Make it a regular practice.

When I am a good student
I spend an hour a day listening to the CD’s; but the benefits are so
good that usually you look forward to taking a break with them.  I have
also listened to them in the night when I have had problems sleeping.

The self-help benefits are so good that using the Holosync Solution can take the place of other do-it -yourself programs that you might have otherwise tried if you had not been using Holosync.  Also there are often payment plans offered for about what you might be paying out for
books and workshops for self-growth a month (usually less).

It is easy.  It is simple.  Do take advantage of all the materials offered and included with the program.  All you need is some good stereo headphones
(which you can buy from them at a reasonable price.)  and something to
play the CD’s on.  They have kept up with technology having started
with tapes, moving to CD’s, and now are using other methods of
electronic transmission.  The meditation recordings are set up to get
you going without concentrating on anything.  Just listen.  Click on the
Centerpointe link to the on the left hand side and it will take you to
the site that tells you all about Holosync and where you can order the free
introductory recording and/or the first level of the program.

Many of the ideas that I have have presented here, at, have come directly or indirectly from my
use of the Holosync Solution.

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