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Everyone needs some continuity in their life.  Some become famous or well known in a certain area of work or study.  Their knowledge or work  lives on for them after they have gone.  For some, their sense of continuity involves their heritage, their ancestry.   For others it is  in the memories of their family and friends that they leave behind.  Others count lives touched by their charity as their memorial.  Possessions including property owned represents a memorial marking by their existence that this person lived and will be remembered as being associated with these things or this property.

Developing an idea, a work of art, any other form of memorial such as great relationships they have had with other people, sometimes feels like it is not enough.  For example, after someone has written the great novel that makes the best seller list, what next?  Some people keep going after things, accomplishments, or relationships.  For some people, the last thing they did is never enough.  It is important to note that people who find their feelings of accomplishment in the path to the goal versus in the achievement of the goal more often find satisfaction in life.

A good goal in life is often one that can not easily be reached, it is a goal that changes over time as the person whose goal it is learns that the more experience, the more learning one achieves, the more the goal changes and remains ever challenging.  We are here (some people say) to learn; but some people as they get older and see no future for themselves become less and less involved with new and challenging things.  They say, “What’s the use?”  There are those who wish their followers (this would be for a leader in some group) or their children would pick up the ball and follow through for them. There are also those who follow a spiritual path usually one that stresses spiritual growth and an afterlife in which the soul, spirit, or the person will be able to use this knowledge and the skills that have been learned.




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