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Ideas about how the world works and how you can successfully function in it come about through your experiences with the world and what you have learned about it from others.  Although it can be painful and scarey to do this, thinking for yourself is the method of choice in determining what works for you.  Young people are susceptible to cults because they are seeking answers to life’s questions and cults provide them.  It seems in life that it is easier to accept someone else’s point of view especially when they seem to be very convincing because they are so sure that their answers to life’s questions are the right ones.

Life is a process and the answers that one has at one point in life might not work at another point in life.  This leads to a person having anxiety because they were initially sure that they had the right answers about life and then they find that they don’t work as well at another point in life for understanding life and making decisions about it .  Good decisions are often a do it yourself project and people benefit from being taught how to make them instead of always having it done for them.   Children should become more and more independent as they grow up unless they have a mental handicap and even then the goal of helping these special children is still that of helping them to be as independent as they are capable of being in life..


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