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English: Sweet dreams dreaming of snowhite and...

English: Sweet dreams dreaming of snowhite and the seven dwarves - painting by Franz Schrotzberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody dreams; but some people don’t remember their dreams.  My sleeping partner would probably say that he doesn’t dream or that if he does dream, he doesn’t remember them.  I have woken up and found him acting out some kind of scenario complete with audible mutterings.    People who do remember their dreams are encouraged to record them immediately after they wake up.  There are many different systems of dream symbols for interpreting dreams.  The main problem  is that often symbols have different meanings for different people.

Dreams do seem to provide a service.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t dream.  It is also important that we spend a certain amount of our time asleep dreaming.  Animals appear to dream.  Most dog and cat owners would probably back this up.  Small children dream.

Some people say that they travel in their dreams and they are out of their body when they do it.  Flying or levitating in dreams is interpreted as supporting this idea.  People think that they can go places and see people who are either have passed away or who they have not seen in awhile.  At least they remember these people as showing up in their dreams.

Most people will agree that they have had nightmares, scary dreams, where they are in danger and try to escape, often unsuccessfully.  Sometimes dreams are accompanied by paralysis that appears to be permanent at the time where the sleeper is aware of his or her problem moving, but can not wake up and do anything about it.

Finally some people feel that there  is lucid dreaming where you are able to stay aware in your dream that you are dreaming and are able to control what happens in the dream.


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