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Good Vibrations

Problem Solving

Problem Solving (Photo credit: Ken Whytock)

TRIZ process for creative problem solving
TRIZ process for creative problem solving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good emotions bring good vibrations and bad emotions have bad vibrations.  If vibrations effect you as some people say,  what are you doing to yourself and others?  How much of the news is good?  How much is bad?  When you talk about other people  is it mostly to complain or find fault.  When and if you pray is it about gratitude for something or lack of something?

Modern psychotherapy places much emphasis on changing the way you think and what you think about.  Formerly psychotherapy often concentrated on what bad things had happened to you in the past and how they effected you in the present.  Focusing on the bad things can at least make you a “bore”.  It may make friends and family avoid you and may even make things worse.  They are not written in stone and should be seen as something to move past and maybe even to change.

Thinking about the solution rather than the problem makes more sense.  Perhaps you were abused as a child.  Does thinking about it over and over change it?  How often do you say, “I can’t”, and stay stuck in the problem and not the solution.  Do not do what was done to you.  Encourage problem solving in children at home, at work, or away from home.

Besides learning problem solving skills, you also can increase the amount of time that you think about good things.  Where did that imagination go that you had as a child?  You were able to imagine all sorts of wonderful things.  How fast in your mind can you get to that perfect getaway spot and experience it in as many ways as possible using all of your senses?  Having good vibrations is a good change from having constant bad vibrations.

Last, but not least is humor.  We can all take a joke if it is not mean.  Cancer patients may benefit from laughter and some have concentrated on watching funny movies as part of their battle against cancer.


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