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entitlementIs entitlement a problem of the present coming-of-age generation?  We take having certain things for granted.  The more privileged we are, the more often this happens.  When our standard of living declines as it has had in this economy, we begin to realize that we have become to expect certain things in our life and now we have to do without them or at least cut back on them.

A sense of entitlement is seen at its most extreme in some very egocentric celebrities.  Have you ever seen a list of the things and services that some stars expect to be available in their dressing room or where they are staying?  I can understand that when you have to be away from home so much that one might like to have some familiar things available to enable one to easily settle in wherever he or she might be staying.  Some of these things of course are easier for the star to have someone else to provide in each location then to have to bring them with him or her and/or have to go out and get them after they get there.


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