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Have You Let The Past Get You Down

rp_367070359_150_150.jpgThis is probably not a post for psychopaths to read as they already don’t do this and that is why they don’t change.  Guilt, Shame, and depression are what can weigh you down.  Especially if you can’t let go of them.

We all seek love, attention, support, and affection.  It can build our ego, increase our self-esteem, and help us feel good.  But there is a danger when we direct our attention outside ourselves so strongly that any slight, failure, or loss can sink our boats.

I have started to not only declutter my house, but also my mind.  Negative feelings like those above can become permanently attached in the unconscious to things that you have done, things that have happened to you, and things you have learned.

I came to this conclusion when I realized that I still felt guilt about things that turned out wrong even though I may not have even planned for them to happen.  The negative consequences of these actions were so life-shattering that I thought I could never live them down and my future was black because of them.

Recently I have realized that I was taking more responsibility for what happened than I should have as I didn’t know what the consequences could be at the time or even that I was that responsible!

Have you ever said, “I can’t forgive myself for….”  It also makes it possible for others who might be somewhat responsible for what happened too to shift the blame entirely on to you.

I am in the process of unhooking myself from these sort of things and of letting me focus on the future using what I have learned from my mistakes to help myself and others.

P.S.:  I have been strongly involved in politics lately and what upsets me is that political candidates and parties are more directed towards what  they think people want to hear than towards what they really have to say, really want to do, and how they would actually accomplish it.  Worst of all, they don’t take responsibility for things that they have done that hurt others and that make them poor candidates for political office.

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