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Jealousy, Envy

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Can feelings make us miserable?  Yes, they can.  When you focus on what you do not have that others have, most often it makes us feel bad.  It is sometimes hard for us to be happy for others when they have something that we would like to have ourselves.  Joy! does not have to be selfish.  We can appreciate what others have gotten or accomplished when we have a similar goal or goals ourselves.  From that point of view, we can be happy for others.  When I was first trying to get pregnant, my much younger cousin succeeded before I did.  I had a choice:  be happy for her or rain on her parade.  There were two different points of view that I could have had.  I could have been jealous (and therefore miserable) and focused on my lack of a child or I could join with her with her feelings of anticipation of new life.  It turned out that I was just a little bit pregnant when my mother told me about my cousin; but I didn’t know it then.

To this day, I continue to work on myself and the negative feelings about others accomplishments that I have.  My feelings can change from sad to happy by making this switch.  It is often not easy to do but it changes my outlook on life.  It is just like realizing that being angry after the person or thing that has hurt you is out of your life is futile.  We are brothers and sisters in God‘s eyes at least and when one of us succeeds, we should be happy for him or her.  It helps us more than it helps them.

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