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Love Yourself And It Will Let Others Love You

What a terrible story recently about 13 children who were deprived and abused.  It is such a tragedy.  Children are born to be loved and to love.  Each is a unique creature a flower (or a weed) ready to blossom and thrive in this world with the right care and treatment.  You are that child.  No, we are not meant to be the same.  We all have different places to be in life and in the world and different things to do.  We are precious (if we could just accept this) and often need to be supported by others to recognize this.

Jealousy is the curse of this world.  We all think that there is not enough for us.  Love especially.  There is a story about Cold Pricklies and Warm Fuzzies that illustrates this.  A witch perpetuated the idea that people only had a limited amount of warm fuzzies to share and should limit them only to friends and family.  People who would probably give them back.  In fact, people even became stingy and that’s what the local bad witch wanted to happen so she could sell her Cold Pricklies which looked just like Warm Fuzzies but didn’t work the same.

Phony Pricklies don’t work and they leave the recipient out in the cold.  In fact, these people who get Cold Pricklies can even die (whether they kill themselves from lack of self-love or “die on the vine” from lack of Love from others so to speak.  “Wow,” you say, “I can’t afford to squander my Warm Fuzzies.  What if I don’t get them back?  I need to save ’em too for my loved ones.”

The secret that is most often hidden from all is that the more you give “Love” or “Warm Fuzzies” so to speak; the more you have.  The less you give the less you have.  The hidden secret is that you are loveable.  You just have to believe it to make it come true.

Here is a “Love Exercise” to increase your Love.  Breath in and stretch out your belly.  You may think it is not attractive, but it works.  While you are doing this you are breathing in all the Love in the world and when you breath out your are breathing Love from inside of you back out into the world.  Don’t focus on where you are getting the Love from but believe it is there.   You are initially not focusing on any one person or thing as the source of it.  And again don’t “freak out” when you breathe out Love as this will actually only multiply it and you will end up with more to give.

Finally when you let your Light shine and see yourself as loveable as you were created to be; others will love you too.  Also, remember this saying. “I choose to be happy as I wait for something good to happen.”

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