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Negative And Useless Thoughts

rp_300px-ThinkingMan_Rodin.jpgNegative and useless thoughts such as “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “What if something bad happens?”  Do they saturate your mind?

We are always programing our minds whether we know it or not. Do you ever listen to yourself from an objective point of view? Do you feel helpless to change your mind. Do you think, “I have always thought that way.” “Why should I change now?”

Many people think that to be forewarned is to be forearmed if something bad happens. How many gloomy scenarios like this do you generate? If these become blueprints for your mind, what are you going to build? Doesn’t sound good does it?

Have you ever been criticized for being a daydreamer? What if this is just a more positive way to program your mind? Little kids do this all the time. In their fantasies they are strong, brave, fearless and the conflict always ends with the daydreaming child being the conquering hero, winning the contest, or making great friends.

What changed our minds which were once full of hope, ambition, and no end to the happy endings it could create? Our imaginations even thought of things that didn’t exist yet but could be real in our minds. What happened to us.

Reality set in as viewed by those around us. We were considered to be foolish, even stupid, and setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure. Better be prepared when this happens! Our parents dreams didn’t work out or if they did, we couldn’t compete at their level.

We constantly think that having a fear of failure we should be prepared for this possibility as then it won’t hurt so bad.

Life we are taught is always a competition and only a few win.
This belief keeps many people from competing and narrows the field for those who do. Maybe those type of people are not doing us any favors; but they are doing themselves.

What if we are taught that there is plenty enough for everybody and that everybody has some unique talents which once developed can create a successful life.

Finally what do you think will make you happy anyway? Supportive friends and family? Creative and useful work. Pride in accomplishments? Little or no worry about survival? Finally, just forgetting about all this for a moment and just enjoying being alive. How often do we do things absentmindedly and forget to enjoy what is going on around us?

Do the things that we have acquired get in the way of our being able to enjoy them? Who can be in six places at once; drive a dozen vintage cars, or handle a half dozen spouses? With things come responsibilities as they need to be stored appropriately, maintained, and paid for!

Communes may have had the right idea? Many hands make light work. Sharing things and sharing responsibilities with no one person being a dictator? Do we need separate kitchens and eating areas? Or can we share one?

Gardens, things of nature can generate beautiful spaces to share as anyone person can’t be in all of them all of the time. Retreats can share facilities and give people a chance to get away from it all and enjoy beauty. Getting away from everyday responsibilities and their accompanying worries generates peace.

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