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When you should step in and when should you leave your nose out?  I am referring to the discipline of other people’s kids, especially your grand kids.  If you interfere too much, the welcome mat might not be out for you at their house.

When you are the only adult present, it might be a mistake to not do anything if a child acts up.  Kids should learn to respect all reasonable adults, especially if they are put in a position of leadership over them.  Otherwise, it encourages children to act out and does not prepare them for the times in their lives when they have to take orders and respect other people’s property.

What about when a responsible person is present such as a parent, teacher, or babysitter?  You probably should do something when it seems like somebody or some thing of value might get hurt.  In a life or death situation you should act immediately and take the flack later for doing it if you must.  Otherwise, you might step back and see if the other person handles it first.  If they don’t, then you might consider stepping in even if it might make you unpopular.

Do the right thing.  Don’t take the easy way out and do nothing in these circumstances.  Yes, be aware if you are a control freak and have limits that are higher than most people’s.  This is especially true when it comes to your own as compared to other people’s property.  Always, stop and consider your position.  For example it is one of your child’s toys and your child has taken good care of it, don’t let another child tear it up.


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