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Stymied Again, Part Two

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop (Photo credit: Franco Folini)

The snafu.  You are ready to do something and find out you have to do other things before you can do it? My major thing is cleaning supplies.  When I am inspired to clean, I usually don’t have what I need and I have to go get it.  Don’t let that get in your way .  One is to slog through and go get what you need and start cleaning.  Another way is to think ahead and leave cleaning supplies where you will need them.

To avoid making several trips, I try to make each trip pay.  For example, when you make a trip to the bedroom, take some laundry back with you and if you don’t put it in the laundry room at least leave it somewhere along the way and it will be closer to the laundry room than it was.

Obey your intuition.  When you think of something, do it right then.  Otherwise such tasks get on an endless loop in your mind where they are played over and over and don’t get off the loop because they don’t get done.  This way you avoid procrastinating and stop using your mind as a place for downer thoughts like I need to get this done and I need to get that done.  You end up being preoccupied with such thoughts.  Your glass is not half full all the time, it is half empty.  The worst thing that can happen is that after putting something off over and over, you miss an important deadline.

Worst comes to worst, empty your mind.  Make a list.  Put it where you can see it and review it every so often.  For me the best time to make a list is right before bed.  If I don’t do it then, I have problems as my mind is usually a blank in the morning.   If I have a list from the night before, then I usually get a jump start on the morning and don’t waste time trying to think of what I had planned to do the day before.

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