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The Time Is Up

“Oh, the time is up,” Jonner said.  “My little boy has gone to bed.  What a sleepyhead”; but then he stopped and thought, “But I am a sleepy head too.  The best spot is Grand pa’s chair or Grandma’s lap if he isn’t there.  My favorite human only visits me and part of the time, he is taking a nap too like Grandpa.”

You see, Jonner only comes alive when his human boy comes to visit.  Otherwise, he stays where his boy has dropped him; unless his grandma puts him away in the glass cabinet with all the other animals.  Time passes slowly in the cabinet as all he has to do is think and dream.

Jonner’s life is as big as his little boy’s imagination and he only moves when the moves are plotted in the little boy’s mind and then carried out by the little boy’s hands.  He flys through the air and he hides everywhere like in the half-opened drawers of the bedroom dressers or in the cupboards in the kitchen.

Jonner’s moves are only as fast as the little boy thinks.  He’s a fireman, a cowboy,  a soldier; and sometimes he needs a veterinarian to fix his hurts or even one of grandma’s kisses to reassure him he will get well, and grandpa always tells him to keep going he is not hurt that much.  Then the little boy takes him in his clutch and he goes on to play again.

The little boy knows what he is going to do when he grows up.  He is going to be a cat herder and he proudly wears a cap his aunt gifted him that says, “Cat Herder.”  When he started school, his mom took him to the animal shelter to get a kitten of his own so he wouldn’t feel alone when he slept on his own in his new room downstairs and he was unaware that his parents also had a small camera there where they could see him sleep and hear him weep.  If something happened, they could be there for him in a very short time and his parents’ room was just upstairs.  He could no longer share a room with the babies upstairs as he needed his sleep and they could keep him awake.

The boy had dreams and they did not make him scream as his new cat was there and in his dreams, also Jonner was there.  Sometimes even magically so they would fly together and look at the ground below.  The only thought that he had as he took the flight that it would have been nice if his new kitten had also been able to take flight.  In his sight, as they magically went through walls of his grandparent’s house in the bedroom was the glass cabinet were the other stuffed animals there.

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