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Those Questions Children Ask

Birds bees

Birds bees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few parents look forward to the day when their children will have a question for which they have no ready answer. Those questions are the ones that probably they have no idea how they will answer. Just because you have no children, you may not be exempt. I was asked one of those questions by my cousin when she was a child and I was a teenager. It may not be about the birds and the bees or the stork. It might be about death or war or poverty. Usually those are questions that we can’t answer for ourselves let alone someone else. We often do not want to think about these things and don’t like to go in search of life’s answers to these questions. The main problem with this is that someone or something else may answer this question for them and it may not be the answer we would like them to have. This doesn’t mean that children that we care for will always adopt our answers to such questions if we had them but I am sure you would at least like to have had some input on the subject.

Such questions have often been the subject of books for parents and children. If you keep your eye open for such books and read them yourself, you may find a book or books which answer some of these questions in a way that you consider appropriate for your child. Some books are written at a level where either by reading them out loud or by letting the child read them themselves that a child can get an explanation of a difficult subject that is suitable for his or her age and contains material of which you would approve. You can always also read such a book and put what you learn from it into your own words.

Last, but not least, we can not always forever avoid facing life’s difficult questions and it is best that at some point we answer them for ourselves before we have to do it when put on the spot by our children’s curiosity and/or by life’s unforeseen events.

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