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What A Sales Job

Don’t you tell me what you want.  I will tell you what you want and you will be happy with what you get.   This seems to be the theme of modern day business and politics.  Business leaders and political leaders seem to be far removed from the ordinary, everyday world and they forget that we live in a democracy where the voice of the ordinary citizen can and should be heard and make a difference.  Instead we get crammed down our throats what experts think is good for us (but it really is what is good for them).

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Many people make a career of telling the ordinary person what they should do with little or no basis of experience of being actually involved in and having lived with the conditions they are making recommendations about or have made a decision about.

Part of the problem is people telling other people what to do and then not applying it to themselves.  What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Would you buy or have you bought the thing you are advertising and used it?  How insincere can you get.  What it amounts to is telling lies.  When a person has a position of great power such as the President of the United State or a CEO of a major organization,  they are often perpetuating their own views of what society should need and want even if it hurts the people and benefits the person in power.  Ordinary people get caught up in this too and to keep a job which he or she desperately needs, they will frequently promote these ideas of those in power even if they know they are not right.  Are these crimes against humanity?

Why are we so afraid of the truth?  Why don’t we have a better educational system where students are exposed to all different points of view in order to find out what they believe.  Instructing students in logic would also help them with their decision-making.  One problem (which is another example of what was citied above about politicians and CEO’s) is that academics often have a particular theory or belief that they promote to the exclusion of opposing points of view.  Students can be very vulnerable to this type of influence if the professor appears particularly learned and holds a position of power or standing in his or her field.  Do these professors seek admiration from their students, all I know is that sometimes they can exert undue influence over their students.  This is not to neglect the professors that welcome inquiring minds and help the students to open to pioneering in new fields of interest.

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