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What Happens in Mid-Life

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome (Photo credit: cindy47452)

Some people go crazy and see this as their last chance to be young and carefree.  They dress in the style of clothing that younger people favor.  They drive the fast cars,the flashy cars that younger people drive.  They may make big changes in their lives turning their backs on family, careers, and responsibilities to the surprise of their friends and family.  They might even find a much younger significant other.  It is a time of an apparent change in values.

People go through cycles in life.  First they develop as children, then they go to school, then it is time to find a mate and perhaps create a home and family.  Along with this, they often establish a career or business.  All these things take up a lot of time and there may not appear to be time to do the other things that they once thought they wanted to accomplish such as conquer Mt. Everest, write a prize winning novel, achieve notoriety and  fame…

Is that all there is in life might be a person’s concern at this time.  It can be a time of spiritual awakening and ordinary concerns may start to seem to be a waste of time.  If person has not considered that there is an end to life before, he or she may do so now.  For women, there is menopause and an end to fertility.  Also there can be the empty nest syndrome.  Some people develop serious chronic illnesses.  There are now more serious limits on what a person can do in life.

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