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Why Be Grateful?

Grateful Days

Grateful Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone does something good for another, there are two people involved, the giver and the recipient.  Both people are necessary.  Through circumstances that I have little control over, I have been put in the position where others frequently help me out as it is obvious that to them that I could use some help and I often overtly tell them that I appreciate their help, but I secretly wish that I could do without it.  Both parts of the transaction benefit the persons involved.  Sometimes people find it difficult to be put in a position where the other person expects them to respond politely and be grateful.  We do not always have control over what life hands us and when we don’t, we feel that we appear to be weak.  Helping others aids the giver in making them feel that they are useful and have had the chance to make other people feel better.  It takes two to accomplish this and it is one way that we get our needs met in this world.  Does it matter who is responsible for the filling of a need: the person him or herself or someone else?  We can tally the number of good deeds that we have done and/or we can tally the number of good things that have happened to us including those made possible by others?  Being grateful calms us, relieves stress, and helps us to keep a positive attitude towards life when it is difficult in this world, to ignore the things that happen that we could see as bad.


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