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You Can Learn From Everything And Everybody


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You can learn from everything and everybody.  You just have to recognize that it is true.  Some people are so comfortable in their own little world that they never leave it and ridicule others who live elsewhere.  They do not accept others who have a different point of view let alone try to understand what that point of view is.  We are blessed in that we can learn from others’ experiences and do not have to experience these things ourselves in order to understand them; but often we ignore this idea and depend only upon our own experience to prove something.

Books, movies, television programs, and storytelling are all sources of second hand, but not necessarily useless experience.  How open are you to other peoples’ ideas and ways of doing things?  Some people do not feel secure unless their way is the only way and forget about everybody else’s.  That makes for a very small world and very narrow point of view.  One man used to tell his wife, “I never met a person I couldn’t learn from.”

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