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Expert? Expert At What?

Do you always get in your two cents worth.  Does doing well at one thing  make you a fountain of wisdom about other things?  We live in an era of Ego Mania!  Who do we listen too? celebrities,cannon , fodder Celebrities, the media, sports figures, wanna be politicians?  What qualifies you to be an expect on something?

Where do you come out telling somebody else what to do when you are not them and don’t know where they are coming from?  Perspective is important.  People on one side of the mountain see something different from those on the other side of the mountain.

Advice is free.  Good advice is priceless!  When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come.  Exercise good judgment.  Don’t let everybody else tell you what to do.  Think for yourself.  What is that person’s track record on giving good advice?  What is in it for them?  Some people are just like ventriloquists dummies.  They say what ever they are told to say thinking that they are putting it in their own words.  It often happens with experts who are called in to court to give their opinion on something.

Expert-Full-NYC-3People are easily buffaloed.  I see all kinds of people presenting themselves as an expert in the media.  Did you know that experts in a court room setting are asked for their credentials, relevant experience, and are cross examined on this?  In the media so-called experts are introduced by name; but often credentials are not mentioned.

Whenever I give advice and I do so sometimes like I am doing now, I realize that the person receiving it, can accept it or reject.  It may or may not make sense to them at this point in their life.  Take my advice or leave it.  I am not invested in your believing I am right or I am wrong.  Maybe this gives you a new perspective on something.

taking-advice-badgeWe build on the old.  We generally do not completely rearrange what we think based on new conflicting information.  When new information and old concepts do not coincide, something has got to give.  You can change your theory of how things work to fit new information or you can adjust the information to fit old theories.

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