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Some Free Advice

the+true+secret+of+giving+advi-655I love you; I accept you; I praise you.  Can you say that to anyone? including yourself?

When something happens that I am concerned about, I pray about it;  I try to think  positively about it; and I tell myself that I will accept whatever happens.  That is my advice for the day.  I didn’t say it was easy; but it is all I can think of to tell myself to do.  It took me a while to get to this point and I am not completely there yet.  I often have to remind myself of my own advice.  In the past, I was worried that my prayers wouldn’t be heard; I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the worst thing that could happen; and I had a hard time accepting if it did not turn out well from my point of view.

Often I have a hard time accepting the idea that if something is wrong for me, it might still be a good choice for someone else.  Sometimes people just don’t take my advice and they probably shouldn’t because they probably wouldn’t see it my way anyway.  If I won’t join or support a certain organization or they wouldn’t recommend that I go somewhere for vacation based on their experience of having gone there, maybe each of us anyway should make up our own minds for ourselves.    This reminds me of what I used to think when I was in college and taking classes.  It was that just because someone liked or disliked a certain teacher didn’t necessarily mean that I would have the same experience.

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