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Focusing On What Doesn’t Work Or What Is Wrong Instead Of What Is Right Or What Does Work!

rp_300px-Angry_Talk_Comic_Style.svg_.pngHow depressing!  How self-defeating!  Especially when you judge yourself by other people’s standards.  Will we ever get ahead as a person (or a country) if we keep doing this?

This is what makes news so depressing!  Also, when people focus on what is wrong with themselves or others instead of what is right.  In school, I  had to find out for myself if a teacher was good or not and not take other peoples’ experiences with the teacher as gospel truth.  One person may consider a teacher as too strict while I might experience him or her as just and fair.

rp_300px-Grad_Students.jpgRecently on the news, I saw a presentation about a principal who had applied what he had learned about schooling children and helping them learn to his own independent middle school that was doing quite well.  In fact, he used the money he earned from a publishing a book on this to fund the school.

Usually, independent schools like these which are successful are not used as models for other new schools.  “Charter” schools also do not always continue to get the support they need because other schools doing more poorly than these suck the life out of them because the funds are needed for schools like these which don’t do well.

rp_3907004058_644dbdf9b5_m.jpgMaybe we should fund more “committees” to find solutions (things that are already working) than to find problems on which money is then wasted by usually applying previously tried and failed ideas to deal with once the existing problems which we usually find that we already know about.  This is putting good money after bad.

Creativity is often discouraged because those who are invested in already existing solutions resist becoming outdated and the institutions invested in them feel threatened and want to maintain the status quo.  Is this one of the reasons why “big government” is hard to prune once it is established?

rp_342149110_150_150.jpgIndividuals also find it hard to shift gears when they have invested time and money into what seemed appropriate to them because their parents did it or they could possibly make a lot of money at it or it would provide them with security when actually their talents lay elsewhere and though they mastered the profession they never did as well as they would have like to especially when comparing themselves with others who might have had talents and interests better suited to that occupation.

For example, I have a daughter, maybe even both daughters, that like to work outdoors.  With one daughter, she did not wind up finding a job where she could apply her major but became involved in another area where she could also work outdoors.  In fact, she been working part time at this all through school.  What she was motivated to learn on her own became a lot more satisfying to her even though she made good grades and successfully took a lot of science classes for her actual college major.

rp_3692285331_9043cf7c46_m.jpgFor me, this has been a long journey.  I found things that I liked to do and was good at doing aimed less at the mentally ill population and more at the everyday population (like I am doing here on this website).  Also, my expertise comes more from doing what feels right and involves more creativity on my part than faithfully following established routines.  My lack of self-confidence kept me from focusing on these things and kept me focusing on what I thought the establishment wanted.


rp_300px-Little_girl_drawing_with_blue_pencil.jpgSome of these areas are and were the interpretation of drawings and the use of drawings in therapy, diagnostic interviewing where the person doing the information is led by what the interviewee says and does.  Another area was doing hypnosis and relaxation therapy following a loose guideline of what needed to be done depending on the goal of the therapy or the diagnostic information  needed or previously received.  I also found that flexibility was important in determining on what the person or persons I was working with needed.

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