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How Do You Let Them Treat You That Way?

Have you ever stood back and observed how others treat you?  Do you stop yourself from reacting long enough to see what’s happening.  What is the first remark that they make to you as they come in the door or as you come in the door?  I bet it wasn’t, “Did you have a nice day?” or maybe it was.  How nice for you.  Better yet, they say nothing at all.   If you didn’t see them as they came in, you wouldn’t know they were there.  Are you a nonentity?

How do you let them treat you that way?  Is your self-esteem level in the basement?  Are you taken for granted and if you didn’t bring home a paycheck and deposit it in the bank, nobody would notice you were gone?  Are you always being compared to somebody else and not in a favorable way.  Better yet, do they think it is funny to do this so when you don’t laugh with them, you are considered a poor sport and they tell you that you can’t take a joke.

Modesty is considered a virtue.  You should humble yourself and put others before you.  This is how you let them treat you that way when you believe this stuff 100%.  Greatness is achieved, not by being a shrinking violet, but by being a shining star.  Notice other people too and they will notice you.  Brag a little.  Let other people know what you are doing.

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