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How Vulnerable Are You To Other People’s Complaints About You?

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You know most of us wear sunscreen when we go outside; but do you know that besides being vulnerable to the sun’s rays, we are also vulnerable to other people’s criticisms.  What you don’t know is that many people are more vulnerable to criticisms about things they are already doing.  Isn’t it interesting that when we are already doing something, we are more easily hurt by disparaging comments about our lack of effort put into doing those things than we are about things we don’t focus on?

It is only because of shame and guilt that we are easily made unhappy by what other people say.  If we can not feel these things then what other people say may have no effect!  Shame and guilt can be great motivators and can create strong feelings in the one who feels them.  Feeling bad sometimes can interfere with a person’s ability to accomplish their goals and even if they achieve them, they will not feel happy or value their own accomplishments.

With no guilt and/or no shame, it is almost impossible to change a person,  People with addiction problems can steal from their friends and family when given any opportunity.  There is some times the justification, “They owe it to me.”  “It is my inheritance” and “Why can’t I have it now?”  Reference the story of the prodigal son in the Old Testament.


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