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Good and Evil Revisited, Part II

Evil does not obey laws, only the Good do.

Recent visits to the book of Daniel (see Chp. 6), one of the Old Testament books of the Bible, and following the Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign have convinced me that following the letter of the law while common for those who are basically good is also a tool of Evil.  Evil persons use it as a trap for Good persons.  Currently, a new CIA director is being considered who follows the letter of the law even when it involved the torturing of terrorists after 911 which killed thousands of American citizens.  It is being used to stop the approval of this well-qualified candidate who followed the law at that time as part of her job and it promoted Good over Evil.

Daniel in the Bible was worshiping his God openly three times a day when evil persons who disliked him and what he stood for got the current king who liked and had promoted Daniel to declare that he, himself, the king only should be worshiped for the next month.  Helplessly the king had to order that Daniel be thrown in the lion’s den for worshiping his God, not the king.

Thus the law is often used by Evil to trip up the Good.  Law is seen by the Evil as a chance to manipulate things so that they can come out ahead and acquire, wealth, power, fame, and triumph over the Good.  Consider the uranium deal that got promoted and passed while  Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and how money got moved around so that the Clintons and their foundation benefited from the deal.  It put our nuclear defense system and our nuclear medicine resources in jeopardy.

For the Good, it is often required that they not only obey existing laws but also sometimes even higher laws required to perpetuate Good which are not contained in the letter of the law.  Currently, not criticizing others and/or coveting the wealth, fame, power, and possessions that they may have acquired could be such a higher law for the Good. Doing this wastes time that could be spent doing better things, makes one unhappy, encourages a negative attitude, and focuses a person’s sights on useless things that usually only eventually make one angry or resentful.

The above is a hard thing to do with modern-day advertising and with what the media focuses on in their reporting.  Truly good people are ignored, those who focus on the more important things in life are ignored such as good deeds, happiness, sharing what we have with others, and being a source of  “light” and “love” in the world.  How useful really is gold (you can’t eat it, breath it, or use it for shelter unless you have a lot of it).  How useful is fame?  It is often fleeting.  Think of Kanye West who admitted he voted for Trump and many people stopped listening to his rap.

Even people in power, which can give them access to almost everything, hold their grasp on power until there is some kind of a coup overthrowing their rule.  God, the force of good in the Old Testament, showed how easy this was for Him to do.  Regime after regime fell there which is backed up by history.  As God predicted in the Old Testament of the Bible through prophets, visions, and proclamations made during actual appearances there, that many of the governments there would go in and out of power even when they felt assured that they would stay in power. What a precarious position that can be.

What would you rather do?  It is not easy to be Good; but what profits Evil?

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