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Impossible Dreams?

SuspensionofdisbeliefAre there impossible dreams?  What do you think?  Almost everything starts as a dream, a dream of something we might like to be true.  Bringing up hypnosis again,  hypnosis can change a person’s perception of what is possible and the impossible can happen.  For example, a person can have surgery without anesthesia.

English: Brain on hypnosis

English: Brain on hypnosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What about what seem to be the impossible dreams of other people?  How often do we reject another person’s reality as impossible?  What if we accept it first and wait to reject it later when we have examined the proposition?  Take it a step further.  What if we believed that if another person thought something was possible, it would be possible?  Take “peace on earth”.  How quickly do you reject that idea as impossible?  How quickly could it be accomplished if people accepted the idea?  There are studies where people concentrated on such ideas, visualized them, and prayed about them and things like crime in that area were reduced.

We often are controlled by others when we accept the idea that something can’t be done.  They tell us we have impossible dreams.  How often has it rained on your parade when someone convinced you that something you wanted to do couldn’t be done?  You started out with a smile on your face and wound up with it turned upside down.  People who feel powerless often try to become powerful by controlling other people’s lives when they can not control their own lives.   Just think how all that enthusiasm that gets quashed could be used to accomplish something.

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