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Choose your biggest or most important problem, especially one where there is a time limit or penalty involved.  Examine all your paperwork dealing with that issue and determine what you need to do first, second, third.  Move all your other problems to second place recognizing there may be time limits on those problems which you can write down somewhere you can easily see them and check on them.   Dealing with a problem can help you keep from having future problems.  It can open up your mind to possible methods of solving that problem and if that doesn’t help, you can resign yourself to the consequences which you have tried not to think about before this.

If you have a major, major problem like a serious illness for which you should focus on diagnosis and treatment, leave other problems that preoccupy your mind like recurring family drama in the dust.  Frequently these type of problems are on a never ending loop repeating themselves over and over and they can only get in the way of what person needs to do immediately.  You can declare yourself an emergency and do what you would do in an emergency.  That is focus on what needs to be done right away.  This is not the time to resolve family problems and/or help out other people in your life.  Post the “gone Fishing” sign on your imaginary door and don’t allow yourself to be disturbed especially with something that is not helpful.  Some people take someone else’s problem and make it about their own problems taking the spotlight away from where it ought to be on you.

Clear yourself of mind clutter while you focus on yourself and your most pressing problem.  Those people who do not understand that it is your problem that is the most important, not theirs, should be left out of your situation.

Circle of Violence: A Family Drama

Circle of Violence: A Family Drama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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