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Can Firing Someone Be A Form Of Bullying? (Preliminary Post)

Have you noticed that if you get fired from a job these days that you are escorted out and not let to take anything with you or finish up any tasks you have initiated even those which might adversely effect customer care and service?

Did you ever wonder where workplace violence came from?  It might come as a reaction to the bullying of some employees by someone who has the power to hire and fire people.  You can be a threat to that person and/or an easy target for a person to use to demonstrate their “fire” power.

Letting someone go is a very serious decision and it might have been avoided if that person was not hired in the first place.  It is easier to say, “No thanks, the position has been filled or your qualifications don’t fit our position.”  It also looks better on a person’s employment record as it never even appears.

I have never heard a potential employer asking an applicant if they had applied any jobs and did not get hired and,, “Why?”  From my point of view even probation periods don’t look so bad or preliminary employment being with a temporary agency doesn’t look so bad either.

Why is that the person fired has a lot of explaining to do after being fired while the person or the company doing the firing usually has none?

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