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Enjoy Yourself; It is Later Than You Think!

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Enjoy yourself; it is later than you think.  How often do you put things off?  Perhaps waiting for somebody else to do it for you?  Is it selfish to do it for yourself?  How often do you secretly resent it when other people do things that you would like to do?  Do you smolder and burn on the inside when it happens to someone else and not you?

We often give other people things that we would really like to have them give us.  (You can become a good present giver when you master this concept.) Then we are crushed when they don’t reciprocate or don’t appreciate our present.

Appreciate life.  Pay attention to what makes life pleasant for you.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Surround your self with the things that make life meaningful for you or if you can’t do this , visit places where you see or hear the things you like.  Remember you can’t take it with you unless it is a memory.

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