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The Vulnerable Age, Young Adulthood

These new adults have just started making decisions based on possible future consequences and they are easily seduced into following groups that offer or most of all the answers to life’s questions.  This has been discussed alot when cults became prominent and attracted young followers.  They, the cults, claimed to have all the answers and these inexperienced young people were easy targets.

Actually the answers to the whys of life can actually be chased all life long and what seem to be the answers at one point in life (say middle age) may not be the answers at an earlier and sometimes not even at an older age.  Self-respect, love, joy, and peace should always be part of these answers.  You can wear yourself out chasing certain things (money, romance, notoriety, and power) and never be really content.

You can create an atmosphere around you that invites negative things or you can create a positive loving environment that can generate good will wherever you go.  Frowns, cuss words, criticism, negative solutions can contaminate not only your life but those of others.  The best solution is to leave if you can not change the topic of the conversation and thus change the atmosphere you are around.

People who seem very self-confident and righteous rather than calm and basically sure of what they are saying usually are being very defensive at least on the inside and need you as a disciple to confirm their beliefs and back the power of these beliefs over others including you.  Who are they fooling?  Themselves? Others? You?  This brings to mind a drug addict I know.  He walked into the room I was in with a smug smile on his face and confident that I didn’t really know what he was doing.  I did!  I told him he was “high” and I didn’t appreciate it.

Don’t let them destroy your own self-confidence.  Yes, it takes time but you can develop your own self-judgment.  If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right.  Sometimes someone else’s self-confidence can overrule our own good judgment.

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